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Effective, Friendly Financial Services In Your Community

Deciding how to invest or prepare for tax season can be an overwhelming, confusing process. We understand how important your financial health is. We want to work with you, so you can achieve financial stability and growth.



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Wealth Management

At JC Financial Services we help change the stress and uncertainty involved in short term trading into a successful long-term investment strategy.  We accomplish this by focusing on capital preservation followed by growth. Because of the tax centric (aware) nature of our company, your investments will have a focus on cost-effectiveness as well as after tax results.

As a fee-only registered independent advisor, JC Financial Services does not receive any form of commission from third party companies. Also, JC Financial Services is a fiduciary, a legal standard by which we must employ the highest standard of care when advising clients on their money.

Take the stress out investing for your future.

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Financial Planning

At JC Financial Services we understand taking that first step and starting a financial plan can be both difficult and intimidating.  That is why you will have a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and an Enrolled Agent with the IRS on your team helping you down the path of financial peace of mind. Are you ready to take that first step?

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Tax Services

JC Financial is focused on reducing the taxes of our clients wherever possible.

Your team of in-house Enrolled Agents and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ work together to:

  • Coordinate tax sensitive management of taxable accounts, where appropriate
  • Work with clients to reduce income taxes
  • Provide advice regarding Small Business Tax liability
  • Prepare tax returns